If you want to help your students and graduates gain relevant work experience relating to a sales career during their degree and employment post-education, we can help you.

We are proud to be working with students, graduates, Universities and employers to help provide a 360-degree support package to help young talent transition successfully from education to a career in sales with our ISME endorsed training.We can work with you for all or part of this support package.


In our experience, sales graduates do not need a marketing or business-related degree; we recommend you offer an opportunity to work in sales to all students and graduates. Having trained over a thousand graduates, Debbie Sweeney has seen the vast range of degrees and qualifications from potential candidates who have gained a sales role and are succeeding in their sales career.

The Institute of Sales Management Education endorses our diplomas and courses, use this to attract students to your University and ensure you offer the highest standard of sales training.

The Genzy Talent Academy's social media,website and training methods are designed to engage a Generation Z and Y audience. Our training course content has the same professionalism and in-depth content we use at Solutions2Success (our B2B brand); the delivery and methods are adapted to appeal to the younger generation and their stage in their sales career.

isme endorsed sales academy diploma agenda here

How can we specifically help your University and graduates?

1. Sales and business development training. Our range of diplomas and courses are endorsed by the Institute of Sales Management Education (ISME). We help students gain the skills they need before they move into a sales career so they can successfully progress from zero to hero in record time.

2. Free pre sales career support and membership for students. Click here for the sign up form for graduates.

3. Free sales career webinars via Zoom or Microsoft teams. You can keep the recording to add to your resources. Highly interactive, engaging, competition, free prizes and self analysis assessment for graduates. Debbie Sweeney shares her extensive sales and training experience with the group. Ask Debbie anything.

4. High value and commercially viable options suitable for Univiersites, graduates and employers. Licencing, licencing and trainers, outsource to Genzy Talent Academy or a combination. Exclusive preferential rates for Universities and Colleges. White labelling options.

5. Generate funding and income If you prefer to outsource and refer students to Genzy Talent Academy we can provide preferential students rates and an affiliate or referral fee for all students that sign up. Use this income to fund other projects to help when you have limited budgets.

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