Affiliation marketing with Genzy Talent Academy

How to get set up in 5-mins, get paid and start earning easy cash with Genzy Talent Academy


We are so excited you have joined us! We are with you every step of the way to make affiliate marketing with Genzy Talent Academy easy and financially rewarding.

Three things to do to get the most ££

  1. Read the 'get set up in 5-mins guide', connect your PayPal account for automatic payments
  2. Watch the video on how we can help you promote. We make it easy and quick for you

  3. View the dashboard, see what information you can see, your payments and find all your promo materials



1. Get set up in 5-mins guide

Click here to download this quick guide




2. How to earn ££ and get paid

Click here to watch this 2-minute video

Always remember to add your private affiliate URL in every post or email you do.



3. Your dashboard - payments and promo materials

Click here to take a tour of your dashboard area - video

Click here if you prefer a downloadable guide - no screenshots

                                            Click here if you prefer a downloadable guide with screenshots


Check out our social media on a regular basis so you can re-share our posts with your private URL link to get ££

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