If you are a business that is considering training or recruitment and training young talent, then we can help you attract,develop and retain the best sales talent.

The Institute of Sales Management Education endorses our diplomas and courses, use this to attract and retain the best talent while ensuring your sales team is gaining the highest standard of training.

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The Genzy Talent Academy's training methods are designed to engage a Generation Z and Y audience. Our training course content has the same professionalism and in-depth content we use at Solutions2Success (our B2B brand); the delivery and methods are adapted to appeal to the younger generation and their stage in their sales career.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

  • Recruitment of graduates through our sales graduate recruitment specialist partner
  • Onboarding process, planning and consultation
  • Sales Academy design or design and delivery to Institute of Sales Management endorsed level (licencing option for your own use and trainers)
  • Training and support for each stage of their sales career, getting sales career ready to advanced sales
  • Assessments - strengths and weaknesses review through business simulations to help you develop a coaching plan for each individual (highly recommended by Sales Managers, young talent welcome feedback)
  • Customised, open programme or In House licensed material options
  • Recruit one person or several; everyone receives the same level of training and support. Delegates can immediately access their learning zone, ideal if you have staggered start dates for new recruits

Support packages via our membership are £50 per person, and our ISM Education diplomas start from £395, exclusive rates for multiple delegates.


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Consider the following when recruiting and training young talent:

  1. Find inspiration, support, and have access to an expert so you can be in control of your future and achieve the success you want
  1. Realise that a community is stronger than a one-person army
  1. Experience affiliation, belonging to a community of like-minded individuals who all have the same goal, to be successful
  2. Constantly be learning and developing with the support of Debbie Sweeney, connecting with the Genzy community and accessing your learning zone

To attract the best young talent (Generation Z and Y), you need to sell your training and support programme to them. Young talent craves stability, security, growth opportunities, training, development, community-based support, recognition, and rewards. They want to work for companies that understand what motivates them, do this, and you will be rewarded with top sales performance and loyalty. By providing industry recognised Institute of Sales Management Education diplomas; you can attract and retain top talent if you sell this benefit to your candidates at interview.

Using Genzy Talent Academy or Solutions2Success you can free up your time, and create an exceptional onboarding, training and support experience.

The cost of re-recruitment or lost sales opportunities is costly. Avoid these mistakes by getting it right from day one and sell the benefit of your sales training and support programme when interviewing candidates.

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All course and diploma delegates will receive:

1. A complete toolkit of resources for all different learning styles. Podcasts, videos, workbooks, activities, quizzes and handouts. Delegates gain immediate access to their learning zone on enrolment. Institute of Sales Management endorsed diplomas and courses, assurance of high quality

2. Industry experts and highly experienced trainers to train and support your team. Debbie Sweeney is the lead sales trainer and has trained over a thousand sales graduates, working for all the large sales graduate companies in the UK over ten years

3. Rewards,recognition, and competitions - make the learning experience competitive, challenging and fun!

4. Discounts on any bolt-on courses, only available to delegates and members. Enhance their learning as they progress

5. Access to a private Facebook community, allows delegates to connect with like-minded success-hungry salespeople from their generation, while also having support and guidance from industry experts

example sales academy programme for generation z

Consider the following when recruiting and training young talent:


  1. How much time can you spare to train, develop and support young inexperienced salespeople?
  2. What is the cost to you of re-recruitment due to new recruits leaving due to lack of training?
  3. What is the lost opportunity cost to you if your new recruits perform poorly due to not investing in a well-planned and designed training programme, delivered by experts?
  4. If you want to attract quality candidates, consider the lack of appeal of an Apprentice scheme and the length of time to complete the essentials. Most take 12-18 months and require a lot of time away from their workplace when they could be selling. You want your new recruits to be trained and practicing the essentials within 3-months, so they deliver results sooner whilst gaining support beyond this period.

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