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Diploma Overview

Learn all the skills and techniques you need to be successful in a business development role. Using various communication methods online, phone, Zoom and social media, transform cold and new prospects into hot leads and clients. Learn approaches to adapt to the new buyer behaviours, digital age and post COVID-19 working practices. Accelerate your full earning potential and commissions with this diploma.

Increase your employability, promotion prospects, credibility, business development skills and sales success by completing this diploma. On completion, you can add your certificate on your CV and LinkedIn profile, recognised and welcomed by employers.

An average starting salary for a sales graduate is £18,000 - £25,000 plus commission, within a few weeks you will recoup your investment in this diploma if you are self funding.You can use this training to help sell yourself at interview for  business development and sales roles and increase your sales success within the first critical 12-months before you have paid for the full cost of the diploma. Why wait?

Who is this diploma for?

‘I have always said that everyone is in sales. Maybe you don’t hold the title of a salesperson, but if the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales – Zig Ziglar

.  Anyone who seeks the skills to prepare and confidently apply for business development or sales roles. You can use this diploma to secure yourself a great sales role and then apply the learning when you are employed

.  Someone who is new to sales or currently in a sales role looking for a refresher to accelerate their earning potential and promotion prsopects

.Anyone doing gig work or running their own business looking to generate new business clients and increase spend from existing clients

You can earn substantially more money if you follow the proper structure, processes, and techniques with a good dose of self-confidence and a positive mindset.

Based on the average salary of someone new to sales or a business development role, you will recoup this diploma's cost within a few weeks whilst still benefiting from the 12-month interest-free payment option if you are self funding.You will also maximise your bonuses using the top flight skills you will gain from completing this diploma.

How can this diploma benefit you?

You may have left the education system or are currently working, but you want to pursue a business development or junior sales career. Your knowledge of business development skills and techiques will help you win over the interviewer; these are the most common graduate and young talent roles available for those new to sales

You are already in a sales role, you want a refresher to enhance your skills and realise your full earning potential. You know if you are successful at business development; you are well-positioned to take on more responsibilities and apply for more senior sales roles

You are doing gig work, running your own side hustle or have your own business. You are great at what you do, but you know you need to generate new business clients to take you to the next level

How will you feel after completing this diploma?

. You will be prepared, polished, professional and ready to apply for business development and sales roles whilst beating other applicants for the best roles

. You will be more confident and positive when meeting people face to face, communicating over the phone and online in a business-like manner

. Braver at being more proactive with your business development activities when communicating with business people

. Skilled and knowledgeable in your role; feel ready for any challenge and situation

. Confident you can go from zero to hero in record time in your first business development role with learning skills in advance of starting your first day in the role.

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This diploma includes

24/7 and LIFETIME access to your online learning zone, this includes podcasts, videos, activities, quizzes. templates, accessible on any device

2-days boot camp via Zoom (8- hours per day) with a group and our sales industry expert trainer

UNLIMITED community support in our private Facebook group to help you succeed at interviews, during your sales and business development career

Certificate on completion, special offers on short bolt-on courses, not available in courses on the website

Earn ££ commission and cash bonuses from our promo and referral programme – your own URL link

£600 or £50 x 12-months interest- free credit

Contact us for details of the next boot camp date

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What will you learn?

.Learn the structures and process for effective business development strategies and activities

.How to create attention-grabbing openings that engages decision makers and influencers. Learn how to direct message your target audience in LinkedIn to gain connections and engagement

.Learn how to research and use this knowledge to personalise your approaches, so you stand out from others

.Understand the different approaches and technology available to aid your success at business development; turn cold prospects into leads for senior salespeople or yourself

.Gain tips and techniques on how to get past gatekeepers to gain access to decision-makers

.Learn how to identify and create needs for what you sell to qualify opportunities and pass quality leads to senior salespeople or use yourself

.Gain techniques to test and gain commitment to the next stage in your sales process

.Confidently overcome resistance, persuade and influence


This diploma includes

24/7 and LIFETIME access to your learning zone, this includes videos, podcasts, activities, quizzes, templates, action plans, accessible on any device

2- day boot camp via Zoom (8-hours per day) with a group and Debbie, your trainer and industry expert

UNLIMITED community support in our private Facebook group to help you succeed at interviews, during your sales and business development career

Certificate, special offers on short bolt-on courses, not available on courses listed on the website

Earn ££ commission and cash bonuses from our promo and referral programme – your own URL link


£600 or £50 x 12-months interest-free

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Your guide & trainer

Sales foundations courseDebbie Sweeney will train, support, and inspire you to be successful in your business development and sales career. Debbie has won numerous National sales awards with the biggest names in advertising and telecoms during her 18 years in sales. Debbie knows how to overcome challenges and still come out on top. Going from zero to hero in her sales career to becoming a top 1% UK earner for numerous years through her sales career.

Debbie has trained over 1,000 grads in the early years of their sales career. Go from zero to hero in record time!

Your success is my success. Are you ready to go on your success journey with me? - Debbie

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Delegate comments

Just a small sample of some of Debbie Sweeney’s references from 12 years as a sales and communications trainer at her company Solutions2Success.

‘Brilliant, interesting and relevant course providing me with the valuable tools I need to approach new business sales and increase my agency’s client base’ Sean personally invested in this course to help him gain a sales role. Sean succeeded and started his sales role
- Sean

‘Very interesting & amazing course! Cannot wait to apply the tips and skills in the relevant world. Would definitely recommend to all involved in sales.’ Edmund invested in personally paying for the course to gain a career in sales and now has one
- Edmund

‘I have attended many sales courses; this was not dry at all or scripted which definitely helps you stay focused on the learning. It opened up different perspectives rather than just stating what you have to do’
- Stephen D

‘By attending the Sales Foundation course, I have gained useful knowledge of what is involved in a sales role as well as what to expect in my new Account Management role. I now have a better idea of how to structure customer appointments in a way that will help me understand what their needs are and how our products can meet those needs. I really enjoyed the course and I would recommend Debbie to anyone who is looking to move into a sales-based role. Thank you for making it easy to digest’
- Victoria

‘Gained great knowledge on how to research companies and how to find appropriate target customers. Gained a good understanding of processes and models’
- Adam, Solution Sales Executive, AAP3

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