The number 1 tech that will help you manage your job applications and help you secure a top junior sales role – by an x graduate

Why sales-related technology can elevate your success at interview and how to get FREE access to learn it

Author: Alice Williams, a recent graduate

Your Transition From Education To The Commercial World

The education system became the comfort blanket that I’ve taken with me throughout my life, providing direction and purpose. My goals were based upon and driven by examinations and coursework, which progressively led me from secondary school to sixth form to university. But what happened when I completed my education? Sure, I had a great sense of accomplishment. However, I had accomplished the one thing that had always kept me on track and given me purpose, and that was daunting.

The education system gives you a qualification that tells you that you’re ready to take on the world and become successful. However, your degree doesn’t prepare you for interviews or tell you how you can actually use your skills to land a job. To do this and specifically get into a role in sales, you will need sales-related knowledge and tools to develop your skillset.

Why Choose A Career In Sales?

If you crave a position where you can work independently and have great earning potential, you should consider a career in sales. A sales job suits those who enjoy target-based work since you will be required to set targets that should be achieved each month and aim, if possible, to over-exceed these goals. Your performance in your role will be your own responsibility, and you will have to use your drive and initiative to succeed.

There is excellent potential for progression with a sales career, and should you prove your worth; you could climb the ladder, developing and honing skills that will be valued across multiple sectors. The harder you work, the further you will go and the more that you will earn. When you work in a sales job, the opportunities are limitless.

So, suppose you want to get into a career in sales and want to secure your graduate interviews. In that case, it will help to have some knowledge and understanding of some of the up-to-date technologies that the businesses employ to aid their sales strategy. At Genzy, we provide graduate training programs and online sales training courses to help you sell yourself at interview and beat other candidates.

Why sales-related technology will help you win over an interviewer

By having an understanding of the up-to-date sales-related technology that is used by businesses, you will increase your employability. This is because you will prove to the interviewer that you’re driven and have a keen interest in sales and the processes involved. Ultimately, you will also be more attractive to the company than your competitors who may lack industry knowledge. Can you imagine telling an employer that you know and use a CRM system for your job applications and you appreciate how it would help you succeed in sales? How impressed would they be?

What is the number 1 tech you should learn to nail that sales job interview?

A Customer Relationship Management system is a form of technology used to manage a business’s contact with their existing and potential customers. CRM enables relationships to be cultivated and nurtured with ease, improving the customer’s buying experience and, ultimately, the business’s success.

A CRM can come in the form of a technological product, typically provided in the cloud, that analyses the conversations between the businesses and its clients. This allows relationships to be managed and enhanced to increase sales. Studies show that having a CRM system can boost a businesses’ sales by 29%. Therefore, if you understand how a CRM works and can be effectively employed, you can increase your success at interviews for sales roles and get off to a flying start in your sales career! It is also essential to choose a company that uses a CRM system because this technology will help you be more successful in sales and earn more commission!

How can you learn this technology before going for an interview?

By learning about sales-related technology, you will gain vital skills to help you win over the interviewer when applying for sales roles.

Genzy Talent Academy provides a wide range of online sales training courses and diplomas. Gain your certification to enhance your success at an interview to land your dream sales job with a top company.

At Genzy Talent Academy, you will be FREE access and training on how to use a CRM system when you purchase a diploma or course. Add this to your CV to impress at the interview. You can use this system to help you manage your contacts, job applications and communicate effectively when applying for interviews for sales roles too!

If you are not yet employed in a sales role and undertake one of our diplomas; we will promote you in our network and advise you on how to succeed at sales interviews. When you invest your time and effort in learning and developing your knowledge in sales tech, it will help you nail the interview and land your dream sales job. You want and need to be one step ahead of other applicants to secure the best sales positions.

To find out more about our wide range of courses and diplomas, click the below; turn your job search to job offers and land your dream sales job!



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