6 ways you can sell yourself to employers to recruit you for a sales junior role when you have no experience

Have you decided you want a career in sales but are fearful that you will be pipped at the post by a more experienced salesperson, or employers will see you as a risk? Does this resonate with you?

Do not fear; Debbie is here! Eradicate those concerns and show potential employers you have more to offer than experienced sales professionals. I remember when I was twenty-one, and I embarked on a sales career with Yell. Admittedly it took a few months before I could prove my potential; within twelve months, I was high up the sales league table and winning newcomer of the year. I had three highly successful years at Yell and continued that success winning Distinction and National Sales Awards at Orange; I was still in my early twenties.

  • I know you have the potential.
  • I know Generation Z add immense value to any sales department for business development
  • I know you can go from zero to hero within 6-months

How do I know this? I have done it; I am living proof. I have trained over a thousand graduates in sales roles; you will see them broadcasting their successes on LinkedIn, climbing the ladder and moving on to new ventures.

Use this infographic to help you gain the confidence you can win over an interviewer. If you want to ensure you beat all other potential candidates, consider expanding your knowledge and sales skills. If you can demonstrate these skills to close the deal at the interview, the job offer will be yours.

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