How to pay off your Uni debt

How to pay off your Uni debt before you leave Uni – by an X grad (podcast- 5 mins)

You want to go to Uni and not worry about the debt you will incur after your education and fun experience. Avoid the stress and plan before or during your time at Uni whilst you are doing your degree. Max successfully paid off his Uni debt before leaving Uni; he did this to have more freedom and use any new income to set up his own business rather than be paying off debt for several years. You can check out Max’s business, Elements Health and Wellness, on Instagram elements_cbd.

Recently Max secured a great sales position with a global company, and he is juggling both his business and a full-time sales role. I knew when I met Max he had all the foundations and attributes of someone who would be successful in sales. When I did the sales training with him and the assessment with a business simulation at the end, it was proof Max had it all! I am proud of Max and what he has achieved is an inspiration to many people of a similar age.

What will your plan be to pay off your Uni debt as soon as possible whilst still getting the best Uni or college experience you can?

Listen to this 5-minute podcast.

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