How to overcome the challenges you face when you are applying for your first professional sales role (podcast- 5 mins)

There is no doubt about it, a career in sales is well paid, rewarding, and fun. I know, I did it for eighteen years and it set me up for life! You need to put in the graft to succeed however it is worth it. Listen to this open and honest podcast with Luke. Luke has gained a great sales role with a professional and large company and he is using the skills he has gained from the Genzy Talent Academy Sales Foundations Course to rock up and get his sales rockin’ when he starts in a couple of months. Well done Luke, I am so proud of you!

Luke Linforth opens up to Debbie about the challenges he faced when applying for his first professional sales role when he did not have the relevant experience. Luke provides you some top tips on how to keep going even when you have knockbacks.

Listen to this 5-minute podcast.


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