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What do you need to do to succeed at an interview and nail that job when you do not have the relevant experience?

This blog will tell you all about the importance of presenting your best self in an interview and how to gain job offers when you do not have the relevant experience. The interview process is your chance to adopt a new persona, transforming into an individual who knows how best to promote themselves and tells the prospective employer why they cannot let you leave that interview without the job. As a Gen Z, I am well aware of how competitive the job market is and how difficult it is to land an interview when you haven’t got much job experience or life experience. I will tell you how GenZY Talent Academy’s ‘Sell Yourself at Interview’ course could allow you to land your dream career.

The perfect interview?

Have you ever been to an interview? Sat in the car outside reading through sample questions online, praying to God that they don’t ask you about your most significant weaknesses. It’s safe to say that it’s a terrifying process, but one that is unavoidable if you want employment. Is there a secret formula to the perfect interview? If so, I’m sure we’d all like to know it. The truth is, there’s no such thing as the ideal interview; however, the key to success is preparation. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Why you cannot afford to be complacent at an interview

On Average:

  • Only 3% of CV’s move onto the next stage of the application process and receive an interview.
  • If you receive an interview, there are an average of one or two interviews after the initial one before selecting the candidate for the position.
  • It takes an average of 42 days to hire someone. Can you afford to keep waiting for multiple job offers if you continue to fail at interviews?

These statistics reiterate the importance of treating every interview like there isn’t another around the corner. An unsuccessful interview is the loss of employment and, consequently, losing a reliable prospective income source. When you are great at interviews, you can be selective, so you will get the job you will love on your terms.

Young, inexperienced, and daunted

As a young person, landing an interview at the best of times is challenging. When the pandemic hit, I found myself without employment, desperately trying to find a job. I applied for more positions than I can count and admittedly was daunted by the prospect of getting an interview. This was because I’d never been through the corporate interview process before and didn’t know what to expect.

I felt so much pressure to be exceptional and prepare tirelessly to nail every question and avoid being caught out. This wasn’t easy, and I found that there weren’t any user-friendly resources where I could easily practice and test myself.

You need to be prepared, and you need to demonstrate to a potential employer, they should offer you the position even though you do not have the same level of experience or skill as other candidates. Proving your worth is not easy to do.  What do you have to offer? How will you demonstrate this? How can you relate this to the role in question? What will make that employer choose you over someone who has more relevant experience?

However, it is possible if you know-how and you have the inner confidence to justify why and the value you can bring to a company, it is possible.

I discovered GenZY Talent Academy’s ‘Sell Yourself at Interview’ course. Debbie Sweeney gave me some great advice on how to layout my CV and tips on how to ensure I was confident and successful at the interview, especially as I did not have sufficient experience for the roles I wanted. An interviewer complimented me on my CV; I know this helped me get the interview. I was delighted to be offered the position; it lifted my confidence! However, I declined as I felt it did not meet my requirements, and this new lease of confidence has enabled me to apply for more suitable positions and aim high.

Sell yourself at the interview course will help you nail that job



Who will benefit from this course?

  • Anyone who is looking to sell themselves to a recruiter. Promoting the best version of yourself to a recruiter will mean that they will go out of their way to provide you with the best employers and pay packages.
  • Anyone who is looking to get their first job.
  • Anyone looking to apply for their dream job or a higher paid role.

If any of the above applies to you, consider taking the Genzy Talent Academy ‘Sell yourself at the interview course’


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You will also receive guidance from Debbie Sweeney. Debbie has had 30 years’ experience selling herself at interviews and winning contracts. As a National Sales Award winner, Debbie will show you what it takes to nail that job even if you do not have the relevant experience.

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Take this insanely high-value course so that you will get the best salary, bonuses, benefits, and role. You are the right candidate for the job; you need to learn the skills and build the confidence to convince yourself and the interviewer that this is the case.

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This article has been written by Alice Williams, a Generation Z, x graduate.