Why do I need work experience when I have a degree?


If you’ve gone through life progressing from one education system to the next as I have, you’ll have no doubt been led to believe that a degree is like a Golden Ticket into employment. You’ve been top of your class, received glistening reports, excelled at GCSE and A level, and might even have been smart enough to receive a first-class degree. But what is it that employers want? Relevant experience. The soul-destroying, desirable criteria that an employer will value above all else.

Work experience makes you less of a gamble for an employer. You’ll require less training, saving them time and money. The experience will enable you to compete against other applicants. It is estimated that the average job position attracts 250 résumés, meaning your CV will be lost in a sea of qualified, zealous applications unless you have something on there that sets you apart from the crowd.

My search for work experience

Have you ever visited a job search engine website looking at the requirements to apply for your dream job? Until recently I hadn’t. Let me tell you now that after seeing the criteria for the positions that I wanted to apply to, I realised that my degree, 6 months working in McDonald’s, and my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award were not enough. This realisation was tough. I knew that the chances of falling into long-term employment now that I had a degree were all but gone unless I could refine my C.V and find some work experience.

I was lucky enough to find the said experience with Debbie Sweeney, in her new brand ‘GenZY Talent Academy within ‘Solutions2Success’, a successful existing sales training business. The role required me to help to edit copy for the website, help with the growth of social media platforms, and create eye-catching pieces of graphic design. These are all areas that I was comfortable with, but I had never that these skills would ever set up a career path for me. I studied English Literature, so people assume that the natural vocational path post-university is journalism or teaching. Neither appealed to me, so until this point, I had no idea what I wanted to do!

What work experience has done for me

The most valuable thing that I have taken from my work experience is direction. I have developed my current skillset whilst also gaining invaluable additional skills that will no doubt open doors that were previously bolted shut. It has filled a vacuous space in my C.V with undeniable value and increased my chances of getting a job. Most importantly, it has ignited a passion. I know now that I could go into an interview without the fear of having nothing to say. Inevitably, that’s what the employer wants. An individual who is qualified to do a job and WANTS to do the job. Having a passion for what you do means that you will do your it well and will be an asset to your employer.

What’s next for me?

Work experience at GenZY Talent Academy has been educational and hugely enjoyable. It has given me the confidence to sell my skillset and create a C.V that I am proud to send to an employer. It has provided me with a positive outlook and I now feel ready to attempt to enter the big-wide-world of employment. The thought of applying for jobs no longer fills me with dread, but excitement and hope, knowing that with relevant work experience under my belt, I have a chance of finding employment.

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This article has been written by Alice Williams, Genzy Talent Academy