Where can a sales career take you?

In this blog I will reveal how a sales career can become your universal key to success, opening doors that you never expected could be unlatched! I will show you the various paths that a sales career can take you down and reveal how some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs began their journeys with a start-up career in sales.

Gig Work

What is it?

Gig work, put simply, is creating an income via activities that do not follow the traditional employee-employer relationship system. This type of work includes a wide range of occupations and could include work in construction, web design, care work, the list goes on!

Why Gig work is an attractive career option:

Gig work is an attractive career choice because it allows you to be your own boss and with this comes the benefit of flexibility. As with any freelance employment, being a gig worker means you have full control over when, where and how you choose to work. This flexibility provides gig workers with the ability to take control of their work-life balance, making it ideal if you have personal commitments or other jobs.

With the variety of gig work available, there’s more than likely going to be a path that allows you to pursue your passion. Whether you’re passionate about graphic design, writing or videography, there could be demand within the gig market for you to hone your skills and turn your passion into cash! Also, you can do your gig work whilst you are still employed for extra income to an employed role. You can get to try it out first and assess what income it could generate and how this aligns with your ideal dream life before you fully commit to having your own business.


How a sales career can help with you to transition into marketing

Believe it or not, many individuals who have a long-term career in marketing began in sales! The skills that you learn in your sales career can certainly help you if you want to make a transition to marketing in the future. A career in sales demands strong communication skills, an understanding of your buyer, an analytical approach to work and excellent problem-solving skills. These skills can all be translated into a future career in marketing. Marketing is responsible for creating brand awareness and creating incoming leads, these skills are needed to be great in sales, so it is a perfect alterative career if you wanted a change.

If you can master both sales and marketing, then you have some key skills that would also help set you up to start your own gig work or business in the future.

Though these skills will aid your transition from sales into marketing, unfortunately, they’re not enough to land you a role in an established marketing position. Don’t lose hope! It can be done; you just need to invest in learning these skills. Thankfully, there are plenty of online accredited courses where you can pick up relevant qualifications that you will need to progress in a career in marketing.

Set up your own business

Starbucks founder started off in a sales career

Howard Schultz, the chairman and CEO of Starbucks is responsible for the growth of the company from one coffee house to 20,737 in 62 different countries with a revenue of $16.45 billion. Though he did not create the brand, it is clear that he is responsible for much of its success.

Schultz grew up in a low-income family and was determined to obtain an education and be successful. After his graduation from college, he pursued a career as a salesman at Xerox’s headquarters in Virginia. Utilising the training that he received from Xerox, he proceeded to outperform his peers at every subsequent sales job.

When working as a kitchen appliance salesman he entered a small coffee shop in Seattle called Starbucks. He immediately fell in love with the coffee that they served, and his sales intuition told him that the shop could be a global success, amounting to much more than just coffee beans.

This realisation enabled Schultz to build the coffee empire that revolutionised American coffee shops—transforming them from nondescript storefronts to cosy, intimate lounges. Schultz’s sales experience helped him build a brand that stood for a great experience. You can buy a good cup of coffee anywhere, but Starbucks gives its customers way more.

Source of article about Starbucks

How can you enhance your sales skills so that you can pursue your dream career?

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If you want to earn great money without the need for qualifications, then a career in sales is for you. You can earn substantially more if you follow the right structure, processes, and techniques with a good dose of self-confidence and positive mindset.

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Wherever you want your sales career to take you, we can help to get you started on your journey!

This article has been written by Alice Williams, Genzy Talent Academy